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Applying for a Business Account

How can I open an account?

You can begin the account opening process by clicking on the Apply button on the website and following the subsequent instructions.

What documentation do I need to provide to open an account?

When you begin your application process we will provide you with a standard checklist of documents to provide. These documents include certified copies of your incorporation documents and identity documents for your company’s signing officers. Any documents not originally in English must be accompanied by sworn English translations. Kindly note that we may require additional documentation on a case by case basis.

How soon will you open my account after I apply?

We aim to open your account with 48 hours of receiving acceptable copies of all the required documentation and answers to any additional questions that may arise during the account opening process.

How is my company’s risk profile assigned?

We assign your company a risk profile based on a number of factors, including your jurisdiction of incorporation, the nature of your business, and how you would like SEPA recall requests handled. See our pricing details for complete information.

Is there an application processing fee?

Yes, we charge a nonrefundable application processing fee. The amount will depend on your risk profile. For us to begin processing your application, you will need to make an initial payment consisting of the application fee and three monthly fees. If your application is successful, the three monthly fees will be deposited into your new account. If your application is unsuccessful, the three monthly fees will be refunded. See our pricing details for complete information.